All About Us...

Welcome to Obscene Brownies, the world’s tastiest protein packed brownie! We set out to make rich, fudgy brownies with a twist. After testing dozens of recipes and months of sampling the goods with friends and family, we knew we had a winner. These obscene beauties are moist, delicious and full of quality, healthful ingredients including flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed and more. In fact, we somehow managed to pack an impressive 14 grams of protein or more in every protein brownie. Perfect for your on-the-go-go-go lifestyle, and great for snacktime, mealtime, dessert time, or anytime! From our neck of the woods to yours, enjoy a taste that truly satisfies.

Oh, and for anyone who isn’t wanting a protein packed treat, we’ve got you covered too. Be sure to check out our Classic Recipe Brownies. They’re prepared without any added protein, yet they’re just as tasty and obscene as ever.